A Maggie's Perspective


Hi guys, Maggie here. If you don’t know me, I’m that lovable and fluffy thing that you sometimes see on our instagram profile, aka the dog. You will also know me as the Head of Security, the nightmare of couriers, the food burglar, the canine sloth or… the stress ball. 

Today, I will take you on a tour of my daily life, which I’m told is in a place called Lisbon. It’s pretty great… Firstly, let me introduce you to my dad, Rodrigo. He is always kissing and cuddling me, which I like, but most importantly he is the one who refills my water and feeds me. That's why I love him so much. By the way, don’t tell him this, otherwise he will get upset.

7:30 am: Beep. Beep. Beep.

There’s that weird thing again. It happens every morning just after the giant fireball outside comes up. I have yet to figure out what makes that sound. It might be dad. I hope he isn’t going to explode.

Why isn’t he up yet? Doesn’t he know I need to check on the birds? If he won’t get up I’ll have to lick his face.

That’s the sound of the door, they are calling me! Outside? Outside?! We’re going outside!!

I do my pee, smell everything around and… oh! A car has arrived.

When we take the car we go to all kinds of fun places and I have the best time ever. But don’t think it’s all peaches and cream, I am a lady with responsibilities. Sometimes we go to a place called “the office” where there's a lot of humans seated and staring at a magical thing that glows and makes noises. Sometimes they even have conversations with this thing... I'm surrounded by weirdos.  

When someone goes out for a bit, I check that magical thing they stare at all day long and see if they keep my treats in there. People think I am supervising their work. As a Head of Security, my job is to keep the workspace safe of intrusions, but is usually very chill. I just sleep for hours until lunch time, at that point, my position turns into the cleaner. The best thing is when someone drops a piece of chicken – usually David – and I have to be quick and smart to get it before anyone else.

Lunch time is finished, I guess I will go to sleep for a while – or at least I’ll try. Humans keep touching me and talking to me as if I was dumb. Why do they use those silly voices? I am the Head of Security guys, treat me with more respect.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention. Every once in a while I will just go there and make some cute noises, put on my puppy eyes and there it is: I’m the protagonist again! Humans are so easy. 

Oh, here is another car, time to go home! I cannot wait for my last walk, my ball, my food and some cuddling before going to bed. I love my life.

I hope you enjoyed understanding my perspective for a little while. Now, you can go back to your taxes and boring human stuff, I’ll be sleeping meanwhile, you loser! Goodbyeeeeeee :)

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