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Coding Africa is an initiative focused on building a learning platform to empower the African youth and give them a chance to learn how to code. The project was designed to increase access to high-quality education for African kids so they can pave the way to a better tomorrow. Coding Africa places importance on the African potential of the youth and brings opportunities for the next generation to grow aware of how to interact with the advancements of the technological world. The team has envisioned the changes that will keep happening as we become closer and more dependent on technology and wished to educate the young minds of the African continent and give them the necessary tools to engage with tech-based solutions that can truly transform their journeys.


After understanding the needs of the African continent regarding access to modern education, Coding Africa realised that they needed an identity that could truly communicate their intentions and clarify to potential partners, investors, ambassadors, and institutions how they are making the project happen. Between Collective partnered with the Coding Africa team since the first days of ideation to help them build their channels based on a creative approach to encourage kids and teenagers to be curious about joining their program. were dedicated to creating Coding Africa’s identity in their official social media accounts and assisted the team as they kept testing the most functional version of their learning program and designing the best curriculum for students of different age ranges. We worked hard to establish a recognizable name for Coding Africa in a way that shows the true colors of the initiative and dialogues with the cause they are embracing to promote lifelong changes to young learners in Africa.


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