Deutsche aircraft

Brand identity
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Social media strategy


Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer founded in 2019, aiming to strengthen, even more, Germany’s reputation for engineering design, quality and innovation. The novelties and technologies that it is brings into the market have great potential to truly impact this industry and revolutionise the way aircraft engineering is done as we walk towards a more eco-conscious future.


Deutsche Aircraft reached out to our team with a big mission in hand. The company decided to rename and rebrand the iconic Dornier 328, a unique high-speed airplane that has been highly accepted in the international market since the 1990s. The company’s ambition for 2030 is to develop an aircraft that would be completely carbon neutral, and, as they move towards their goal, they innovate their branding strategies. We have designed a new logo and brand to better represent this new journey, looking for inspirations that dialogue with the potential of their aircraft. Our team has also boosted the company’s presence in social media to strengthen the scope of its campaigns to impact airlines and widen their business scope.